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principles of agroecology
The goal of agroecology is to develop and manage sustainable agroecosystems.

We are now in the process of preparing a broad, web-based, definition of agroecology and sustainability for use by researchers, educators, development workers, decision-makers, consumers, and farmers.  We focus on the following questions: 

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  • What is agroecology?
  • What are agroecosystems?
  • What is sustainability?
  • What are the agroecological principles that guide development of sustainable agroecosystems?
  • How do we measure sustainability in agroecosystems?
  • What are the best agroecological indicators of sustainability?


At this point in the project, we have the following materials available:


An Ecological Definition of Sustainable Agriculture

Principles of Agroecology & Sustainability

A Comparison of Ecosystem Properties in Agroecosystems

General Principles for the Conversion Process

Ecological Sustainability in Traditional Agroecosystems

Case Studies

Agroecology Glossary