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Laura Trujillo

Professor/Researcher in Agroecology
Universidad Autonoma Chapingo, Mexico

Ph.D., University of California, Santa Cruz

B.A., Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico


Agroecology, Political Ecology, Sustainable Agriculture, Landscape Analysis, Coffee Agroecosystems

My research work explores at a regional scale the social and ecological relationships between cloud forest and different coffee agroecosystems, which are the main land use in Central Veracruz, Mexico, place where I am conducted this work. The major goal of this research is to establish what is being sustained, who is benefited from, in what way, and how the benefits are being distributed, not only in the social but in environmental aspects also. A set of indicators compiling de-aggregated information from different disciplines has been developed. Indicators like profits, productivity, real wages and family labor, crop adaptability, agroecological and social resilience, average production, sociopolitical structure, biodiversity and soil impacts, and health and social marginalization were measured. Inequity, diversity, risk and productivity indexes are being developed. Indicators show that there is a subsistence economy where low income peasants live on lesser marginality conditions due to environmental subside which provides water, shelter, fuel, and market products (wood, ornamental and medicinal plants). This condition has led to develop a complex coffee agroecosystem with high agroecological resilience to economic and environmental disturbance conditions. Such a self-sufficiency development model coexists with new production trends in the region, which were developed by big coffee producers organizations (fair trade), big coffee growers working with eco-tourism and with intensive production model that changed the ecological landscape linkages.

Research interests: Sustainable Agriculture, Agroecology, Political Ecology, Sustainable Agriculture, Landscape Analysis, Coffee Agroecosystems, Local Knowledge

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